Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New List of Books to Look at

As I was reading through my blogs that I follow regularly I hit upon Literary License and they had posted a link to a list of the top 75 books every women should read. I have read 11 of them. Guess I better get to reading more of these lol. How many have you read??

Also they have a list of top 75 books every man should read. I have read 6 of these. But my husband has only read 4 lol. What about you?? 

How did you do with these lists??? 

This also makes me wonder where the list came from. I know a lot of books that women should read and men to read as well. Maybe one day I can get a list going of the ones that I think that people should read lol. One day one day lol. 

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Butterfly Amy said...

I read only 2 of the 75 books women should read! but I actually have 16 of them here to read and 3 more i have intended to read.