Monday, January 24, 2011

A Texas-Made Family by Roz Denny Fox

A Texas-Made Family

by Roz Denny Fox

Started: 1/18/11
Finished: 1/23/11
Rating: 5

From Amazon:
Fighting for her kids' future shouldn't be this tough. For Rebecca Geroux, nothing is more important than family. So when her daughter's grades slip suddenly, Rebecca knows she has to do something about it. Teaming up with Grant Lane, whose son appears partly to blame for Lisa's troubles, seems like a good idea—until their attraction changes their focus.
For Grant, who's just moved to San Antonio, Rebecca is a welcome distraction. Although he's not sure what to make of her request, the fiery redhead is impossible to resist. Nor is he sure he wants to. But will their growing relationship mean more heartache than it's worth?

My Review:
Staring this book after being in a reading slump was kinda iffy. I wanted something that was going to hold my attention but not make me think to much. Needed a stright line plot and relationships. This book had me hooked from page 1! Rebecca was very relatable and personable. Her kids were created to be very "life-like" as well as the relationship she had with them. As the story progressed relationships grew with all the characters. I love this way this author hooks you in from the beginning. I would definatley recommend this book to anyone looking for a fun, light family read.

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