Tuesday, December 07, 2010


So since it has been a while since I have posted here I figured I would get off my duff and let everyone know what was going on with my books.

I have been kinda bad with my reading but right now I am reading a holiday Harlequin titled, The Italian Surgeon's Christmas Miracle by Alison Roberts.  I am only on page 56 but loving the story so well. My book addict friend has had some issues at home so she hasnt been reading much lately so not many buddy reads so im very excited to be reading this one with her.

I just finished Back to School Murder by Leslie Meier and gave it a 4. I'm not sure I liked how that one ended. I won't spill the beans on it for anyone who has it to read on their pile but I was kinda disappointed but still love the series.

I hope to continue to update this blog from here on out as I finish books and with rating, pictures, and comments.............. here's to remembering to blog hahahah

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