Friday, August 29, 2008

Murder Among Neighbors by Jonnie Jacobs

This entertaining debut introduces Kate Austen, a resilient young northern California mom. When her husband sets off to ``find himself'' in Europe, Kate is pregnant and jobless, and their daughter is only five. Then her next-door neighbor is murdered. Kate doubts that the killer was an intruder-nothing of value was stolen, and it wasn't like the orderly Pepper Livingston to have left a window open. Along with her acerbic best friend, Kate begins to look at her neighbors in a new light, especially Pepper's cool husband, Robert. Searching through Pepper's things at the request of nearly divorced homicide Lt. Michael Stone, Kate finds a matchbook in an old purse of Pepper's and a hidden diaphragm; she is also shown an earring the police have found in the hallway. Later, after she and Michael have become more intimate, she uses these clues to come up with the culprit and motive. Jacobs tops off this slice of suburban life off with a dollop of romance and a twist of suspense.

A good/great book. I love the writing in this book and was wavering between giving it a 3 or 4 rating. However about half way through the book it definatley picked up and began to become a non stop page turner. I never would have guessed the killer however i'm still not sure if I like the ending but that's ok lol. It was a weird book in that aspect however i will continue on in the series to see what happens later on with Kate and in her life.

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Terri said...

Its been ages since I read this but it was an A+ read for me!