Saturday, April 05, 2008

Night Light By Terri Blackstock

After a catastrophic event, the Banning family, along with the rest of the world, must learn to live without electricity. Crime abounds, danger is ever present, and no one knows or understands what is happening. Doug Banning seeks to organize a neighborhood group to learn to help each other. His daughter, Deni, fears for her fianc, who lives hundreds of miles away and, under the circumstances, has no means of communication. Suspense abounds in this dramatic thriller, and so does love. Breck adds to the intensity and drama with her superb presentation.

Book 9 for 2008
Book 2 for March
Rating: 5 stars
Finished 3/6/08

Another great installment in this series! A lot of drama, suspense, and some things that makes you want to throw the book or smack someone for the things that some of the characters do lol. I will definatley recommend this series!!!!!

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