Saturday, February 02, 2008

Bubbles Abroad by Sarah Strohmeyer

From Publishers Weekly Broad humor, in more than one sense, permeates Strohmeyer's fourth amusing adventure (after 2003's Bubbles Ablaze) of Bubbles Yablonsky, Lehigh, Pa.'s unique combination of hairdresser, single mother, aspiring journalist and bumbling sleuth. Bubbles doesn't so much solve a crime as wait until all the dust settles and then see what's left standing. While the management and the workers at Lehigh Steel wage class war, the irrepressible Bubbles tries to parlay her degree from Two Guys Community College and a one-week tryout at the News-Times into a full-time reporting gig. The appearance on her doorstep of Carol Weaver, convicted for the murder of her husband, a Lehigh Steel executive, newly escaped from prison and claiming that someone is trying to kill her, may be just the break Bubbles needs. Strohmeyer expertly plays Bubbles's blue-collar working class background against the monolithic Lehigh Steel's country club types and their wives. On the other hand, Strohmeyer's targets are so big that just hitting them isn't enough, and the frequent bull's-eyes don't impress as much as they might. Bubbles may be Two Guys' "Biggest Loser Ever," but she's good-hearted, persistent and very, very funny. Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Book 4 for 2008
Book 4 for January
Finished book on 1/20/08
Rating: 5 stars

Another great book from Sarah Stohmeyer! I read this one very quickly a definate page turner. I laughed, screamed, and was irritated all at the same time lol. Bubbles is really a character that you can relate to if you are a mother. Her daughter is a total teenager that you want to strangle sometimes lol. This series is really a must read for anyone that likes mysteries or comedies.


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